Health and safety


We treat the health and safety of our guests, colleagues and visitors as our highest priority. We ensure we comply with all legislative requirements and have comprehensive risk assessments, policies and processes in place to keep everyone safe, as well as policy statements covering fire safety and food safety.

Read our Health and safety policy statement


Risk assessments

We have comprehensive risk assessments for all areas of the business and have a robust review process to ensure these are up-to-date, accurate and in line with best practice. All risk assessments are reviewed every six months as a minimum.

Departmental operating procedures

Each area of the business has a comprehensive procedure and policy, based on individual risk assessments, covering all areas of their operation and key considerations, obligations and recommendations. These are reviewed on a regular basis.

Checks and monitoring

Comprehensive checks are conducted frequently to monitor critical aspects of departmental operating procedures and risk assessments. Frequency is determined by the level of risk and legal requirements.


All employees receive thorough training in all aspects of risk assessment, operations, and health and safety. 


Critical areas are audited annually (or more frequently in some cases) and, for our high-risk areas, we seek the input of independent auditors. Any corrective actions are implemented, and their progress is monitored to ensure they are delivered in a timely manner.

Access for All

We are committed to ensuring equal access for everyone. Our Access for All policy outlines our approach to accessibility and the steps we are taking to create an inclusive environment for everyone, including removing unnecessary barriers to access and providing specific training to our employees.

 Read our Access for All policy statement