Our suppliers


We work with a huge range of suppliers, from international, well-known brands through to single-person operations. Wherever possible, we aim to work with local suppliers, contributing to the positive impact our villages have on the surrounding areas. We have a framework in place to ensure that we deal fairly and ethically with suppliers, recognising that our business can have a significant impact and ensuring we maintain a respectful, two-way relationship in all of our dealings.

Importantly, we only engage with suppliers who have the same high ethical standards and zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption as ourselves. To ensure this, we have a robust on-boarding system which ensures new suppliers agree to trade in a safe and ethical manner and understand our expectations of them. New suppliers are asked to complete an anti-bribery and corruption questionnaire, an ethical trading declaration, a data protection agreement and provide insurance certification. Supplier certifications are refreshed on an annual basis. Once the supplier has been approved on our systems, they will have access to system training and regular meetings with Category Managers. We aim for 98% of our business to be placed with suppliers who are registered on our supplier management and payment system. 


Supplier payment

It is vital that we pay our suppliers within agreed terms to ensure their financial position is not compromised. We want our suppliers to have confidence in working with us, knowing that we will make payments in a timely manner.

We do not have standard payment terms. Payment terms are agreed with suppliers as part of contract negotiations – however, the most common terms of invoices paid in the period are net 30 days, net 45 days and net monthly (invoices payable on the 28th of the following month), which equates to circa 45 days average.

Our average time to pay invoices is 33 days. 23% of invoices are paid within 30 days, 73% within 31 to 60 days and 4% after 61 days.


Working with local suppliers

We do not discriminate against suppliers based on their size or location, provided they are able to meet our requirements and standards in a safe and ethical manner. We actively encourage, and facilitate, the involvement of local suppliers in tender activity. We define local suppliers as any supplier located within a 30-mile radius of a Center Parcs village.

During the construction phase of our villages, we hold regular Meet The Buyer events in the local area, where we encourage local suppliers to attend, meet our Procurement team to discuss our requirements and provide them with all the information they need to submit a tender. We also encourage our main contractors to use local sub-contractors wherever possible. In particular, we strive to have locally sourced fresh produce in our ParcMarket, use local companies to provide transport for our employees, and engage with local organisations to provide on-site activities, such as pony rides.


Meet some of our suppliers

JM Electrical Services (Bedford)

JM Electrical Services began working with Center Parcs after attending a recruitment event held in Flitwick in 2014, prior to Center Parcs Woburn Forest opening.

The Milton Ernest-based business, which employs seven people, oversees the electrical installation and maintenance works at the village, including lighting, power supplies, fibre optic repairs, air conditioning and refrigeration repairs, crossing works, alarm maintenance and the annual Christmas works. They work on the village on a monthly basis.

“I had previously been on holiday at Center Parcs’ villages and we were keen to work with this new, very local, village. Along with the financial security that regular work brings, we’ve had the opportunity to work on different projects, which has enabled us to develop and improve our methods. This has benefitted not only our other customers but has also helped our engineers’ professional development.” Clare White, Accounts

Mulleadys Waste & Recycling

Based in Drumlish, County Longford, Mulleadys Waste & Recycling is located just over 20 miles from Center Parcs Longford Forest. The company, which employs 90 people, has been supplying Center Parcs since before the village even opened – they supplied on-site services to the construction main contractor and were selected to continue providing waste collection from the village’s opening in 2019.

Mulleadys make weekly collections of general waste, dry recyclables, food waste, and glass, as well as emptying skips and compactors. They also provide road-sweeping, power-washing, and streetlight and bin washing services.

“Other possible commercial customers look upon our service agreement with Center Parcs as credible which, therefore, enhances their level of trust to use our services too.” Niall Mulleady, Managing Director

Sissons Decorators

Penrith-based Sissons Decorators were recommended to Center Parcs when the business purchased the Whinfell Forest village in 2001. They have provided all aspects of decorative services to the village, including lodge refurbishment programmes, for more than 20 years.

As a result of the partnership, Sissons Decorators have been able to offer secure positions for more than 20 tradespeople, all of whom live within 20 miles of Center Parcs Whinfell Forest. They also offer annual apprenticeships to school leavers, providing opportunities for young people to learn valuable skills in their local community.

“Having high quality, regular, year-round work helps us to plan well ahead with confidence. The work is pressured and time sensitive, and this has given us a wealth of experience in planning which has benefitted other clients as well.” Ade Sisson, Director