Access for All


Access for All policy statement

Center Parcs is committed to equal access for everyone and to the creation and support of a balanced and diverse holiday experience. We endeavour to ensure that our holiday villages are accessible to our guests by allocating appropriate space and facilities for all. We recognise that some of our guests may require additional services and adaptations and we will strive to provide these where reasonable.

Center Parcs’ philosophy of inclusion and sustainability does not extend solely to guests with disabilities, but also includes older people, families with small children, carers, friends and relatives who accompany guests with particular requirements. We also respect the rights of individual guests to enjoy their holiday experience independently wherever possible. These are the underlying principles of our policy and approach to Access for All.

In order to achieve these aims Center Parcs will:

  • Remove unnecessary barriers to access imposed on guests by existing design / management of buildings and space across the entire estate. There is a rolling programme of access improvement identified and prioritised by guest feedback and both internal and external advice.
  • Give due consideration to existing legislation covering discrimination based on grounds of disability, published access guidance and recognised good practice in all our designs, developments and the creation and delivery of new goods and services. 
  • Provide appropriate training and briefing to all staff who have the ability to affect compliance with this policy. This will be extended to third parties where appropriate and necessary. 
  • Provide information to guests and prospective guests upon the accessibility of our sites, goods and services in a manner that best enables them to access our facilities and services appropriately.
  • Provide reasonable additional adaptations where appropriate to individual guests’ needs. 

The Risk Management Committee will review this Policy should legislation change and at least annually.

Approved November 2021

Martin Dalby, Chief Executive Officer

Colin McKinlay, Chief Financial Officer

Rajbinder Singh-Dehal, Chief Corporate Officer

Paul Kent, Development & Construction Director

Colin Whaley, Sales & Marketing Director

Alan Park, Operations Director