Water use


There is increasing pressure on fresh water around the world, and we are committed to both reducing our overall water consumption and looking for ways to reuse water multiple times.

Our target is to reduce our water consumption by 10% by 2030.


Where we are

  • We have switched to low-flow showers and taps in all of our lodges, reducing the amount of water we use 
  • Several of our villages have on-site water treatment plants which treat greywater and sewage before it is discharged
  • The quality of the water discharged from our villages is carefully controlled by discharge consents, granted by the Environment Agency, which set strict limits on the quality of the water suitable for discharge

Where we're going

  • We are planning to install more rainwater harvesting systems across our villages
  • We are planning to install greywater harvesting systems on our villages, meaning we will be able to treat and reuse water from washing