Energy use


Over the next decade, we will reduce our energy consumption whilst also looking to introduce more renewable sources of energy. We will focus on using energy efficient equipment and empowering our colleagues to make long-term behavioural changes in terms of their energy use.

Our target is phased, with the aim of reducing our energy consumption by 2% in the first year of our strategy, 3% in the second year, and sustaining a 5% decrease over 10 years. Much has been done in recent years to reduce energy use, and our work is now focused on making the small, incremental changes which contribute to the wider strategy.


Where we are

  • All of the lamps in our lodges have had the incandescent light bulbs replaced with low-energy LEDs
  • We have replaced the grilling equipment in our restaurant kitchens with energy efficient alternatives – the new equipment uses 60% less energy
  • We have replaced the refrigeration equipment in our ParcMarkets with energy efficient alternatives
  • We have upgraded the kitchen appliances in our lodges to A+ rated alternatives
  • We have added thermostat controls to the boilers in our lodges, ensuring heating is used efficiently whilst still creating a welcoming environment for our guests