Sustainable travel


Over the next decade, we will transition our energy requirements to low carbon energy sources, moving our existing fleet to low carbon alternatives. We will also encourage our colleagues and guests to make use of low carbon travel options, offering incentives to increase take-up of these alternative transport methods.

Our target is to have 100% of our fleet made up of either electric or hybrid vehicles by 2030. At Woburn Forest specifically (given the proximity to London and excellent public transport links), we aim to have 10% of our guests arriving via a sustainable transport option by 2024.


Where we are

  • All of the Technical Services vans on our villages are now electric
  • A number of our company cars are electric
  • We have purchased new electric golf carts to support our restaurant delivery service on an ongoing basis
  • We provide electric vehicle charging points for guests at all of our villages and for staff at our Head Office, as well as for our fleet of electric vehicles on our villages
  • At Woburn Forest and Head Office, we have car share parking spaces in the employee car park, placed in the most convenient and desirable locations to encourage colleagues to share lifts wherever possible
  • We provide coaches to transport our Housekeeping colleagues to and from the village on Mondays and Fridays, reducing the amount of cars travelling to the village
  • We have a specific role of Transport Coordinator at all of our villages, providing information for colleagues and guests on alternative modes of transport to our villages
  • At Woburn Forest, we provide complimentary shuttle buses and taxis for colleagues and guests travelling to and from local train stations and we offer a 10% discount on off-peak rail travel from London St Pancras to Flitwick station
  • We provide secure cycle parking for colleagues, as well as shower and changing facilities
  • We work with Raleigh to offer a 30% discount on cycles for colleagues, as well as a 20% employee discount on equipment purchased from our Cycle Centre
  • Our Housekeeping team travel around the village on bike using specially designed baskets to carry their cleaning supplies, and limiting vehicles used as part of the changeover cleaning process to those carrying linen or heavier items

Where we’re going

  • All of our company cars will be moving to electric or hybrid alternatives over the next 10 years – employees will no longer be able to select a diesel or petrol vehicle as their company car
  • We are planning to significantly increase the number of electric vehicle charging points at our village, aiming to have 100 at each of our UK villages by Autumn 2022