Regulatory compliance

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We take our responsibilities as a business extremely seriously and we have a comprehensive set of controls and policies in place to ensure we adhere to all of our compliance obligations. These controls and policies help our business to continue running efficiently, meeting the goals set for us by the Board and ensuring we are operating within the relevant legal and regulatory framework. The following key policies form part of our business control environment. 


Group Annual Reports and Accounts

Read our Group Annual Reports and Accounts, including our Strategic Report, Governance Report and Financial Statements.

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Regulatory announcements

Read the most up-to-date business announcements, Operating & Financial Reviews and investor presentations, as well as archived announcements.

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Financial statements

Read our annual financial statements and reports.

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We have a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, and we expect all our employees and anyone acting on our behalf to ensure they uphold the same high standards. We have robust policies and processes in place to assess the risk of corruption, address any risks posed and provide a corporate governance and ethics training programme to our employees.

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Senior Pension Scheme

The Annual Engagement Policy Implementation Statement sets out the actions undertaken by the Trustees and their investment manager to implement the stewardship policy set out in the Statement of Investment Principles. 

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Whistleblowing Hotline

The Whistleblowing Hotline is available to all colleagues, workers, suppliers, contractors and any other third party to raise concerns they may have about employment conditions, modern slavery or wider issues. Calls to the confidential hotline are monitored and escalated as appropriate.

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