Health and Safety policy statement


Health and Safety 

  1. Health and Safety legislation places legal obligations on the Company, its Managers, and all employees, to ensure the health and safety of all people (employees, guests and others) who may be affected by the way in which the Company’s business is conducted.
  2. The Company firmly believes in the importance of providing a healthy and safe environment for guests, employees and other third parties to protect against personal injury and property damage and considers legal requirements to be minimum standards.
  3. The Company recognises that one of its foremost duties and responsibilities to its employees is to provide and maintain healthy, safe and hygienic working conditions and practices. It also recognises its duties and responsibilities to guests, contractors and other people who are affected by the Company’s activities.
  4. The Company considers that management and employees should share this responsibility and that every individual has a personal responsibility to ensure that the Company’s safety rules and practices are observed. Furthermore, every employee has an obligation to co-operate with management in maintaining high standards of health and safety.
  5. The Company believes that issues of fire safety and security are also fundamental to the health and safety of employees, guests and others affected by the Company’s activities.
  6. The Company believes that the provision and maintenance of safe premises, working environment, plant and equipment, the selection and training of staff, adequate instruction/supervision and the provision of information, are all crucial to the success of this Policy.
  7. Furthermore, the Company considers all aspects of health and safety to be of such importance that failure by any member of staff to observe correct health and safety practices may result in disciplinary action.
  8. The Risk Management Committee will review this Policy should legislation change and at least annually. Any revision of the Policy shall be notified to each Village’s Health and Safety Committee prior to issue. The Company undertakes to consider suggestions regarding health and safety from employees, guests and regulatory bodies.
  9. In workplaces shared with other employers we will co-operate with those other employers to ensure a mutually safe working environment

Approved November 2021

Martin Dalby, Chief Executive Officer

Colin McKinlay, Chief Financial Officer

Rajbinder Singh-Dehal, Chief Corporate Officer

Paul Kent, Development & Construction Director

Colin Whaley, Sales & Marketing Director

Alan Park, Operations Director