Waste reduction and recycling


We work hard to prevent waste in our operation and aim to manage the waste that our guests generate during their breaks. Over the years, we have introduced innovative schemes to reduce waste and increase recycling, and we have built strong relationships with waste contractors to ensure we are recycling everything that we can.

Moving forward, we are aiming to encourage the use of reusable items, therefore reducing waste generation even further. We also know that single-use plastics are a major contributor to pollution, and we are committed to completely removing these from guest areas by 2030.

Our target is to reduce the amount of waste we generate by 20% and increase our volume of recycling by 10% by 2030.


Where we are

  • All of our lodges have labelled recycling bins and we have large recycling bins around our villages, including in the bin compounds used by colleagues and guests
  • Food waste is collected from the restaurants at all of our villages, and at Longford Forest we collect food waste directly from lodges - this is then recycled rather than being sent to landfill
  • Our waste cooking oil is recycled and turned into energy - coupled with the food waste collections, this means that 100% of food waste from our operations is recycled
  • We removed complimentary toiletries from our lodges – these were packaged in plastic bottles and the feedback from our guests suggests that they appreciate this decision, reflecting the wider societal concerns surrounding single-use plastics
  • We have ensured all products used on our villages are free of microbeads, including products used during spa treatments
  • We removed all single-use plastic bags from our ParcMarkets and offer reusable and recyclable alternatives
  • We removed all plastic ice cream spoons and replaced them with wooden alternatives
  • We removed plastic straws from our villages and swapped to paper straws instead
  • We donate lodge inventory to the British Heart Foundation when we carry out refurbishments - the charity sells the products to raise funds for their work, and we are able to divert thousands of items from landfill and give them a new lease of life
  • We require contractors to provide a waste licence/permit before conducting work on our villages – if they cannot provide this, they will not be approved to work
  • At our Head Office, we have a partnership with a hyper-local cause, Ollerton Recycling, who recycle dry mixed recyclables to raise funds for their charity

Where we’re going

  • We will eliminate single-use plastics as part of our takeaway delivery service, moving to recyclable cardboard containers instead
  • We are looking at options to increase our unpackaged offering in our ParcMarkets and retail outlets
  • We are working closely with our supply chain to source unpackaged products and products with 100% recyclable packaging