Purpose and leadership

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The Executive Board meets quarterly to discuss performance against strategic objectives, current and future projects, and innovations, as well as discussing any issues which may impact the day-to-day running of the business in the short- to medium-term. The Executive Board includes the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, a Non-Executive Chairman and three shareholder representative members.

The Executive Board delegates oversight of day-to-day operations and activities to the Operating Board, which meets monthly and includes the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, a Non-Executive Chairman and four senior managers.


Our aim is to be the leading provider of short breaks in the UK and to establish a strong presence in Ireland.

Our People Framework, which outlines our approach to people management, supports this goal and sets out our vision (to be known as the escape where families come together), our mission (to bring families together by championing free-range family time), and our essence (family togetherness).

The People Framework is embedded across the business and is supported by a set of behaviours which are expected to be demonstrated by every colleague, the Executive Board and the Operating Board:

  • We are natural – we talk and act like real people
  • We are family – we care for and support one another
  • We are respectful – we think before we act and empathise with others
  • We are confident – we proudly stand by our people, our brand and our product
  • We are passionate – we go above and beyond for our guests and each other
  • We are always growing – we ask hard questions of ourselves and restlessly look for new answers

These behaviours are key to our culture. We seek to recruit colleagues who display these values and continue to communicate these behaviours to colleagues throughout their employment, via inductions, ongoing training, appraisals and briefings.

The People Framework includes ‘natural conversations’ designed to encourage regular and informal ‘check ins’ between team members and managers. Our appraisal system looks at how colleagues are performing in their role, as well as how well they are displaying these six values.

We also provide access to a Wellbeing Hub, which gives all colleagues access to health and wellbeing services, including face-to-face counselling, and operate an independent Whistleblowing Hotline where colleagues can report misconduct or unethical behaviour, either online or via telephone.

Board governance 

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Financial reporting & controls

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Regulatory compliance

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