Environmental policy


We recognise that all of our activities have an impact on the environment. This happens through our day-to-day operation, the development of our villages, and our influence in the wider community. Fulfilling this policy will embrace our core business value of creating an exceptional experience for our guests.


The environmental management system will support our commitments to:

  • Establish a policy that is appropriate to the purpose of the organisation and context, including the nature, scale and environmental impact of our activities, products and services
  • Continually improve our activities in order to reduce our environmental impact
  • Review our environmental objectives and targets annually
  • Protect the environment, including preventing pollution
  • Comply with all relevant environmental compliance obligations

Carbon reduction

We have a responsibility to manage our impact on climate change and are committed to working in ways that minimise carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. We will achieve this by monitoring energy usage and setting carbon emissions targets. In addition, we are committed to building energy efficiency into our designs and investing in appropriate technologies.


The diversity of life on our villages is fundamental to the experience we offer our guests. We are committed to protecting the wildlife on our villages and enhancing their habitats.

Natural resources

We are committed to reducing, as far as reasonably practicable, our use of natural resources and the volume of waste we produce. Staff are empowered to manage the company’s activities to lower the environmental impact. We will recycle as much as it is viable to do so.


We will ensure that guests enjoy their short break in the knowledge that the company is managing its business in harmony with the environment. We will continue to develop guests’ understanding of environmental issues.