Environmental policy

Whinfell forest lake with view of the Plaza and Subtropical Swimming Paradise


We recognise all of our activities have an impact on the environment. This happens through our day-to-day operation, the development of our villages, and our influence in the wider community, guest and colleague travel and our supply chain.

Fulfilling this policy will embrace our core business value of creating an exceptional experience for our guests.


Through our Environmental Management System we commit to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental regulations
  • Maintain an environmental policy that is appropriate to our purpose, context, nature, scale, and any identified environmental impacts arising from our activities, products, and services
  • Continually improve our activities to reduce any identified environmental impacts, prevent pollution, and eliminate unjustified pesticide use
  • Set appropriately challenging environmental objectives and targets
  • Protect the environment including preventing pollution
  • To annually review and publicly report progress on adopted environmental objectives and targets
  • Maintain and sufficiently resource a team and management structure to ensure the delivery of our targets and objectives 

Carbon reduction and responsible resource management

We are committed to working in ways that minimise both our carbon footprint and our use of natural resources.

We have set ourselves a 2050 target of achieving net zero for our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions. This is in line with the legally binding commitments made by the UK government and similar commitments in the EU. In addition, we have set ourselves ambitious 2030 targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, sourcing from renewable energy, reducing water use, minimising waste and increasing the proportion of our waste that is recycled.

Colleagues are encouraged and empowered to take an active role in reducing the environmental impacts of our activities.

Biodiversity and adaptation

The quality and diversity of the natural environment on our villages is fundamental to the experience we offer our guests. We are committed to protecting biodiversity on our villages and to enhancing natural habitats.

We annually review any risks that climate change poses to our business and implement adaptation and resilience measures to ensure we are minimising any negative impacts.


We will ensure that guests enjoy their short break in the knowledge that the company is managing its business in harmony with the environment. We will continue to develop guests’ understanding of environmental issues.