Carbon emissions


We know that reducing carbon emissions is critical in the effort to combat climate change, and we are setting ambitious targets for ourselves in this area. We have already made good progress, reducing our carbon emissions by 20% since 2010, but we now want to go even further.

Our target is to reduce our carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 from a baseline year of 2020.


Where we are

  • We have switched our grid electricity to 100% renewable energy, reducing carbon by 21% and saving more than 13,000 tonnes of carbon each year
  • We use solar power to generate renewable energy at four of our villages and our Head Office building
  • We use ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps to heat and provide hot water for a number of lodges at Sherwood Forest and Longleat Forest
  • We use combined heat and power systems (CHPs) to provide hot water for our central buildings (at Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest, Whinfell Forest, Longford Forest and Sherwood Forest) and Aqua Sana Spas (at Elveden Forest, Longford Forest and Longleat Forest)
  • We use an anaerobic digestion plant to provide electricity and heat to Sherwood Forest
  • We installed biomass boilers into the district heating system at Woburn Forest, generating renewable energy and removing the need for boilers in all lodges
  • We have switched to low energy lighting in all of our central buildings and more than 4,000 lodges
  • We have replaced the grilling equipment in our restaurant kitchens and refrigeration equipment in our ParcMarkets with energy efficient alternatives
  • We have upgraded the kitchen appliances to A+ rated alternatives and added thermostat controls to the boilers in our lodges
  • We empower every colleague to play their part by including energy reduction targets in the criteria for our annual Shared Success Bonus Scheme, which every employee is eligible for, provided the company meets its targets
  • We use a number of electric vehicles in our fleet and offer electric vehicle charging points for guests

Where we're going

  • We are planning to install biogas plants at two more of our villages – natural gas is our biggest contributor towards carbon emissions and we believe this project will significantly reduce our carbon emissions
  • We are planning to install more air source heat pumps at our villages
  • We will continue reminding our guests and colleagues of the importance of switching appliances off when not in use, aiming to effect long-term behavioural changes
  • We are planning to transition our fleet to 100% electric or hybrid vehicles over the next 10 years, eliminating 3% of carbon emissions completely
  • We are planning to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points for guest use on our villages in line with the UK Government strategy