Forest management


Our forests define Center Parcs

Our forest environment is hugely important. It is the forest which provides the initial opportunity for each village. The species mix, landscape and atmosphere within each of our unique forests shapes every aspect of our guests’ experience, from the moment they arrive, to their exploration of the village, to exciting glimpses of wildlife from their patios each evening. Our forest landscapes are the setting from which we offer an outstanding range of guest facilities and accommodation, and an opportunity to experience the captivating beauty of nature.

But our forests are so much more than a setting for Center Parcs. Our forests are a fundamental part of the Center Parcs brand.

In 2012 we launched a new series of Forest Management Plans, setting out our ten-year strategy for environmental and landscape management. Real progress has been made since then, thanks to the dedication of our Landscape and Grounds Services teams, together with many colleagues who support them. We have seen an increase in the diversity of flora and fauna across our villages. We have continued to provide a home for species of local, regional and national significance. And we continue to lead our sector when it comes to environmental credentials, exceeding our own ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint. The forest drives our commitment to sustainability.

We’ve come such a long way since 2012, both in terms of the investment we have made in our forests and in the new villages which have been developed. With such significant growth in our business, the careful custodianship of our forests has never been more important. We are merely guests ourselves within the woodland and view it as our responsibility, through careful management and protection, to enhance them to ensure they remain diverse and valuable habitats for many years to come. 

Forest management objectives

Forest management principles

Biodiversity action plans