Forest management objectives

Woburn lake with trees either side


As part of our commitment to biodiversity, we work hard to:

  • Maintain and enhance the wildlife and habitats at our villages, taking full account of the characteristic biodiversity of the local area
  • Ensure our operations do not conflict with local biodiversity action outside our villages
  • Participate in local and national initiatives for biodiversity conservation
  • Train and educate our staff in biodiversity conservation and share information on natural biodiversity conservation with our guests and the wider public
  • Only purchase materials from living sources (such as wood, plants and compost) when they have been harvested or grown in a sustainable manner
  • Monitor and review our performance against developing local and national standards, updating our action plans as needed

We are long-term custodians of our forests and take this responsibility extremely seriously. With this in mind, to complement our Forest Management Plans, we have set long-term aims and objectives to underpin our commitment to the forests. We will:

  • Diversify the species in our forests to achieve a variety of coniferous and deciduous trees, offering year-round interest and consistency of canopy throughout all seasons
  • Enhance the age diversity of our forests, working towards continuous cover and natural regeneration
  • Actively manage our forests’ health and take a proactive approach to reducing the threat of diseases
  • Sustain biodiverse forests which support a variety of habitats and a strong population of key species associated with the local area
  • Invest in our forests and our staff, ensuring they are equipped with the right skills, and have the right resources, to respond to the forests’ needs
  • Carry out considered forestry activities which respect the environment and work towards the objectives of our sustainability strategy