Center Parcs Woburn Forest becomes new home for rescued hedgehogs

Close up shot of a staff member holding a hedgehog in a blanket

10 May 2018

Center Parcs Woburn Forest becomes new home for rescued hedgehogs

Last week eight young hedgehogs were released at Center Parcs Woburn Forest, an official hedgehog release site, after many months of care at a local hedgehog hospital.

Staff from Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital prepared baths for the prickly creatures to remove any parasites before they were released into two familiarisation pens at Center Parcs. The hedgehogs will spend two weeks in the pens to get used to the sights and smells of their new environment, before the pen is opened and they are free to venture into the wild.

The hospital works closely with Center Parcs and has done since 2015 when Woburn Forest was recognised as an official hedgehog release site due to its well cared for natural environment. Center Parcs has a dedicated team of Conservation Rangers who work all year round to protect and enhance the natural habitats, making Woburn Forest a safe haven for many creatures.

Becky Morley, Voluntary Procurement Manager at Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital, said “The eight hedgehogs released last week came to us towards the end of October last year after being found injured or too small to hibernate. Through our care and rehabilitation over the long winter, they are now fully grown and ready to be released back into their natural habitat.”

In September 2016, five young hedgehogs were released at Woburn Forest, included three-month-old Willow and Bobby.

Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital has managed a hedgehog rehabilitation programme for the last 25 years and has helped rescue over 800 hedgehogs over the last 12 months. For more details on how you can support the hedgehogs and the local hedgehog hospital visit: