Center Parcs Longford Forest celebrates one year in business

Exterior view of Subtropical Swimming Paradise with the indoor light on shining through with lake in front of it at Longford Forest

05 August 2020

Center Parcs Longford Forest celebrates one year in business

  • Center Parcs Longford Forest has welcomed over 140,000 guests since opening in July 2019, generating an average occupancy of 83%
  • At least 14% (5,800) of all guests who have stayed at Center Parcs Longford Forest have booked a return stay
  • Nine in ten (90%) of all guests who have stayed at Center Parcs Longford Forest in the past 12 months rated their short break as excellent

Center Parcs is celebrating the first anniversary of its Longford Forest resort. 

Twelve months ago, Center Parcs introduced a new short break offering into the domestic tourism market when it opened its first resort in Ireland.

Since officially opening its doors in July 2019, Center Parcs has recorded incredible visitor numbers to Longford Forest. Over 140,000 guests have stayed at the resort, generating an average 83% occupancy and surpassing expectations. What’s more, over 1 in 10 (14% or 5,800) of all guests who have stayed at Center Parcs Longford Forest have already booked to return.

Visitors have enjoyed the many features of the Center Parcs Longford Forest experience, including the 100 indoor and outdoor activities on offer, stunning guest accommodation located within 400 acres of beautiful woodland, a wide range of shops and restaurants and Ireland’s largest water park, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, which is heated to 29.5°C all year round.

Guests at Center Parcs Longford Forest have, in the last 12 months:

  • Hired 30,000 bikes
  • Booked 11,000 bowling lanes and bowled a staggering 1.8 million bowling balls
  • Built and decorated an impressive 850 dens
  • Chomped into 72,000 pancakes at Longford Forest’s popular restaurant, The Pancake House

That’s not all - 13,000 guests have taken a walk on the adventurous side and reached new heights on Longford Forest’s Aerial Adventure, crossing its 170-metre-long wire enough times to cover about 1,341 miles or 1.5 times the coastline of Ireland!

In the past year, through several fundraising initiatives, the staff at Center Parcs Longford Forest has raised over €100,000 for its charity partner, Barretstown. 

Center Parcs prides itself on offering excellent customer service to its guests and, according to visitor feedback, Longford Forest has proved to be no exception. At least 90% of guests who have provided feedback have rated their stay as excellent and the resort has also generated strong ratings from guests who chose to review their short break on Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor.

Commenting on Center Parcs Longford Forest’s first anniversary, Martin Dalby, CEO of Center Parcs, said: "Longford Forest’s success since opening one year ago has exceeded our expectations and is something that we are very proud of. Our vision for the resort was to provide a brand new premium short break experience to Ireland and we are thrilled that so many Irish families have chosen to visit us.

"When we opened Longford Forest for the first time one year ago, no one could have predicted how this year has gone. In line with government guidelines on COVID-19, we had to close our Longford Forest resort, as well as our resorts in the UK. We are delighted to be reopen again these past few weeks and the team look forward to welcoming many families taking a staycation within Ireland to Longford Forest in the coming months."