Discover Woburn Forest

View across paths and lake at Woburn

Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire

Our newest village in the UK, Woburn Forest is nestled into 357 acres of coniferous woodland within the Woburn Estate.

A view of the wet woodland

Historic hedgerows and heathland

Like our other villages, the woodland has benefitted from the addition of a number of lakes and ponds, including the large Watersports Lake. However, the forest is unique from our other sites in that it is not part of a larger forest belt.

Despite being a predominantly coniferous woodland, there are a number of veteran trees, including a line of beech that is characteristic of a historic hedgerow. There are a wide range of landscapes within the forest itself, including original hawthorn hedgerows; grassland; scrub areas; a wet woodland, which has been designated a County Wildlife Site; and heathland, which the team have worked alongside The Wildlife Trusts to establish.

A bat on a tree trunk

A home for birds and bats

Thanks to the careful management of the woodland, there are now many nesting and feeding habitats for birds, with populations increasing since opening, as well as increased foraging opportunities which have attracted large numbers of bats.